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Got my jackhammer and some Cheerios

September 29, 2009

That is how dedicated I am to carving this niche.

Well, despite the title of the blog, I am a stay at home mom….WAIT! Don’t leave! Like the masses of us online, I suppose I’m here to try and retain what little piece of identity I have left. It’s not that I don’t love my life, my work or my kids, but it isn’t exactly the most exciting or interesting of jobs. I mean, the minute I tell someone what I do, I can see the surface of their eyes glaze as they struggle for something politically correct or overly enthusiastic to say.  The job does offer a lot of perks, don’t get me wrong, I get a lot of enjoyment out of the funny things my kids do, or say, I get to see how brilliant they are, and then I get to throw down the coup they plan on a daily basis. See! I bet you weren’t expecting that.

I’m not sure what I’m trying to accomplish by blogging, except avoiding treadmill time, but I figure since I’m going to be doing this stay at home mom gig for some time longer, I might as well attempt to make something my own, that isn’t smear with jam, has budgets or RFP’s piled on it. They can’t do that here, muahahaha.

Sooo…ummm, great, concentration broken by 2 year old demanding a story.

So, I’m 30, used to write a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Okay, a bit geeky if you couldn’t tell. I’ve been married forever to a great, but even geekier and obsessive workaholic dude. We have two insane, but ever so cute and sweet kids who sometimes makes me wonder if they put speed as a secret ingredient to store bought cookies.

I like politics, in fact, I like to argue, a lot. Funny how I just automatically link those two together. My husband is too afraid to enter into debates with me. and my 4 year old is convinced that butterflies bite because Big Joseph at school told him so…how can I possibly argue with logic like that? My 2 year old wins all contests by biting, so I’m afraid of him, so when the kiddies are stashed away in their cages, BEDS! Beds, I will often take the time to read the papers, although I’ll admit part of me does this to try and seem interesting in case I’m called out to be hubby’s arm candy for a “networking” event.

<interruption, 2 year old threatening to spill tea over my laptop>

Speaking of arm candy, I like too many women on this planet am in a constant struggle with my body and trying to squeeze it into a pair 14 pants. Just an FYI, I’m sure I’ll rant about that. I rant a lot…A LOT. My kids can’t simply appreciate the many opinions I hold and usually my friends back away slowly or get that “Oh God, who got HER started again” look.

I’m also a food snob, I grew up on Hamburger Helper and Kraft Dinner, so I avoid food in boxes and cans at all costs if I can possibly help it. Feed it to you and yours, I don’t care, but just keep it away from me, it’s my Kryptonite.

Still here? Okay, well I guess I should wrap up, trying to think of something witty or inspirational to sign off with, but I’ve got nothing, maybe a plea to read my blog, help make me interesting! In return, I promise to regale you with stories about how I scraped all the raisins off the floor or scared the racoon out of the tree…no? Well, I can’t promise there won’t be tidbits of my life, I just hope I can see and frame them in a way that might make them not so mundane, and in doing so, I’ll convince myself that my life isn’t so humdrum as well. Two birds, one stone!

Is this thing on?